The benefits of a wedding planner

It’s a question I’m frequently asked, do we really need to have a wedding planner? Well, it isn’t a pre-requisite to a destination wedding to have a planner but it really can save you time, money and stress in the long run. When you consider the points below, you will really see the benefits of a wedding planner.

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea and can really help you both before and on your wedding day:

·       For some couples they simply aren’t sure if it is worth paying out for a wedding planner if they can find out information on suppliers online. But, being at the forefront of the wedding industry in Spain, we know who is at the top of their field; and more importantly, who is going to give you value for your money. Planning numerous weddings a year means that we work closely with our suppliers and have built a trusting relationship with them, thus ensuring that your wedding will run more smoothly. We also don’t ask for a commission from our suppliers, ensuring an unbiased view as to who we propose to work for you at your wedding.

·       Most of our couples are based around the world so cannot be here on the ground speaking to suppliers on a regular basis. It is also usually the case that they cannot speak Spanish (perhaps only ask for a cerveza or two!) so having a wedding planner here who can converse well with any Spanish suppliers saves you worrying that something will get lost in translation.

·       Being thousands of miles away sometimes however isn’t an issue, the issue really is time. Time that you don’t have if you both have a full time job, young children, other reasons why you can’t think about your wedding all the time. But by having a wedding planner, you don’t need to stress about this. You can trust us to make sure that all the suppliers are booked in, deposits paid, questions answered, schedules prepared etc.

·       Lastly a wedding planner really can help to make your dreams come true. You’ll see pictures you like or have a very clear vision of how you want the wedding to look but have no idea how to make it all happen. As a wedding planner, this is something we deal with every day and you’ll think it’s almost as if we’ve waved our magic wands to create your fairy-tale wedding day! 

I think the picture below is a perfect example of how we can assist you and help with your wedding!

Picture cred: The Brand Boy