2Having your wedding at a private villa can offer a range of different possibilities than a wedding at a restaurant or hotel as you can design and theme the wedding exactly as you want it to be and mostly without any restrictions. Having your wedding at a villa also gives you the privacy that may not be available at other locations and you can decide on each aspect of the wedding from caterers to florists, some of which may be included when booking a larger venue.  When you choose a private villa, it also gives you the option of staying in the same location as your wedding so you do not need to worry about accommodation and most of the villas available for weddings are large enough to accommodate family or friends if you do not want to stay alone. Whether you choose a villa further inland with views spanning across the coast or something on the beach where you can hear the waves lapping on the beach, you will be sure to find the villa that is perfect for you.
You can also hire a private villa for a certain number of days meaning you can enjoy a pre or post wedding celebration with your guests as well if you want to… or you can relax with your new husband or wife and enjoy the first few days of married bliss just by yourselves.