o_194pl1v2v1mqe6tk1rtq1ekj7buMijas has many hotels that are suitable for both large, lavish weddings and smaller, intimate celebrations. Whether you decide to be near the sea and enjoy wonderful views of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar and the African coastline or head a little inland to hotels that command views of the wonderful landscape and rolling mountains, they can all give you exactly what you are looking for when it comes to choosing a venue for your wedding.

The Hotel Tamisa Golf is an ideal wedding venue as it is a beautiful setting and has peaceful surroundings and amazing views. The pool area overlooks the golf course and makes for a stunning location for both your ceremony and your reception.

Valparaiso, although not technically a hotel, definitely needs a mention as it is a wonderful restaurant that is a little further inland and provides a great setting for your wedding. With ample space and a large swimming pool and terrace area for the ceremony and the cocktails, it also has a large restaurant area both inside and out giving the idea area for the reception and dancing. As this is not a hotel, we should mention that there is much accommodation in close vicinity.