Beautiful Wedding in Ronda.

Rolling hills, a burnt orange sunset and a crazy, fun bunch of guests was the perfect combination for Jai and Resh’s breathtakingly beautiful wedding in Ronda. They had a clear idea from the very beginning of their overall style and the main objective was to have fun with their friends in a relaxed yet beautiful setting.

We started the planning process about a year in advance of the wedding with the couple booking their chosen venue – this amazing house in Ronda – without seeing it first. Luckily when they flew over for the first visit, they were taken aback by how much they loved it and what a perfect choice it was for them.

Completely immersed in nature, Jai wanted the styling to reflect the surroundings and we used a lot of natural items – wooden signs, lots of greenery, and simple white flowers – to enhance the house and it’s gardens for the wedding.

The villa has a very large outside space enabling Jai & Resh to choose from a number of different areas for their ceremony / cocktail and dinner. They decided to use the backdrop of the house and it’s large wooden doorway for the ceremony, overseen by Liz Wilkinson,  so we only need to add hanging wisteria to the overhang balcony. The cocktail also took place in front of the house saving the stunning pool and garden area for dinner – 3 long tables with Jai & Resh able to see everyone!

The speeches started out well but when Resh took the mic, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house (or should I say garden), myself included, both from laughter and from sentiment! Once dinner had been completed, all catered for by the wonderful team at Gusto, guests moved back to the front of the villa to really get the party started with DJ Tristan Harper, carrying on well until the early hours of the morning.

With guests flying for the wedding, they wanted to have a few days of celebrations and were happy to have a pool party the following day with those guests who weren’t too hungover!

Thank you as always to Mireia Cordomi for these stunning pictures!