Winter Wedding in Spain

Spain is well-known as a dream wedding destination for a number of reasons but mostly because of the weather and the fantastic venues available to couples. However, although a summer wedding is what most bride and grooms-to-be are looking for, we’ve had a few emails lately about a winter wedding in Spain and whether it could be possible?

The answer is, of course, yes!

There are a number of things to consider if you are thinking about having your wedding in Spain during the winter months but you most certainly won’t be disappointed that you chose winter over summer.

Firstly, the main consideration will be the weather. Although we are lucky to enjoy many, many days of sun during winter, there will not be the certainty that you get in the summer so when looking at venues, make sure you choose somewhere with some inside space as well as outdoor space. Even if you are lucky and get a day of full sunshine, the likelihood of it staying warm past 5 or 6pm is slim so you want to make sure that you have space indoors to keep your guests warm.

Secondly, and this will please most of you, you can think a little cheaper for that wedding budget… During winter, many venues reduce their prices, meaning that a winter wedding could cost you a lot less than a summer wedding. Accommodation and flights for your guests will also be cheaper!

Thirdly, there will be more availability. Our venues and suppliers can get booked up very quickly for summer weddings so you often need to leave a lot of time from your engagement to your wedding day. But, if you choose a winter wedding, they will have more availability and you can have a choice of wedding date!

Fourthly, think about your outfits! While a strapless, slim gown is perfect for a summer wedding, you may want to think about something with sleeves or at least consider a stole or jacket for your wedding in winter. Grooms, you’ll be fine and your brides will be happy as you won’t want to take your jacket off at the first available moment due to the summer sun!

And lastly, plan you wedding styling and theme around the time of year that you choose… if you decide to get married near to Christmas, there are a number of fantastic ways to incorporate the holiday season to make your wedding one that guests will never forget.