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We work with many churches along the coast that will provide catholic church weddings ceremonies for foreign weddings and a selection of them will have English speaking priests or the opportunity to bring your own priest.

Want to get married in Spain?

Get married in a wonderfully unique location!

You will even be able to choose a church near to or in the area of choice for your reception as locations including Benalmadena, Mijas, Marbella and San Pedro all have churches that you can choose.

Get married in Marbella for an unforgettable experience!


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– Marriage of Foreigners:
Foreign non-residents in Spain. The relevant dossier should be produced in the Catholic parish of their country, approved by their Bishopric and from there the documentation should be delivered to the Bishopric of Malaga who will authorize the marriage.
Foreigner residents in Spain
. They will be required to carry out everything a Spanish couple are required to do with the additional requirement that the documentation be translated and adequately certified.
Marriage of a Spaniard to a foreign Catholic
. a) If residing in Spain, the dossier will be prepared in the parish to which he or she belongs. The documentation is the same as that indicated in no 2 above, but with the necessary certified translation as required

b) If one partner resides in their own country the dossier should be prepared and presented to their Bishopric and then deliviered to the Bishopric of Malaga so that it can be placed with the dossier of the other partner prepared in this Diocese, so that the marriage can then be authorised here.

This section has been extracted from here,
Please check the site for current Catholic Marriage related Laws

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