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Good food goes hand in hand with good times so it’s important to have good catering at your special occasion.

Choosing your wedding breakfast and the additional catering for your wedding should be something you put a lot of thought into. It needs to be something that as a couple, you both want but also something you know your guests will also enjoy. Choosing your catering in Spain will largely depend on the venue you choose. If for example you decide on a hotel or restaurant as your wedding venue then it is likely that the catering will be done in house – but you can work closely with the restaurant manager and chef to create a wedding meal of your choice.

The wedding meal is an important part of the wedding entertainment!

If you choose a private villa or yacht then there are many established, professional catering companies that will work alongside you and will prepare the food for your wedding. Most of these companies also employ waiting staff which leaves you with one less worry on the day itself.

Wedding catering is one of our favourite aspects so you can trust in White Wedding Days to plan the perfect wedding meal together with you!