Once Upon a Time in Marbella


It has been said that some weddings stay with you forever, and this unique, beautiful wedding of Lujain and Aimen is definitely one of them.  When Aimen and Lujain first contacted me earlier this year with hope for an August wedding, they had a very clear idea of the celebration they wanted. Hopefully, what we created will ensure this wedding is one that no-one will forget.

Aimen began their wedding story with a proposal at the place where dreams come true, Disneyland, and captured their magical weekend on video to show how their journey began. With a long love of Disney, movies and Star Wars, Lujain was sure to say yes!

Having visited Marbella many times and with guests flying in from various places, they decided it was the ideal location for the wedding celebration; and, as Villa Tiberio has been the firm family favourite for years, the restaurant was the obvious option for the venue.

Once we had secured the services of David de Biasi who took these magnificent photos, EL Zarrio Films who captured the magic on film and a wonderful band who flew in especially from England; our attention then turned to the styling and decoration.

With Disney and hints of old Hollywood as our premise, the team and I began to think of elegant ways to incorporate this fun, quirky theme into the wedding.

Guests were greeted by the charming Maitre’d Jose Antonio as they arrived at the restaurant and made their way down the red carpet complete with our ‘Once Upon a Time’ bespoke sign towards a special movie poster designed for the wedding.

The movie theme continued into the dinner area as the stage and the screen surround were both set to emulate the old cinema feel with red velvet curtains. The couple, both with a background and career in media, created an exceptional movie experience for their guests with a film featuring the two of them on their love story including special surprise vows from Lujain to Aimen.

Lujain’s love of Beauty & the Beast’s rose provided the inspiration for the centrepieces while quotes from their favourite movies were dotted around the venue. A dark and mystical Mirror Mirror from Snow White provided the backdrop to the photobooth area with props from other movies including a special lightsaber, just for Lujain.

An enchanted forest walkway, found in most Disney fairytales, was created for guests when they left with a final farewell and homage to Disney – ‘And They Lived Happily Ever After’.


Special thanks to all suppliers for their amazing work on this wedding, including Chez Vous and Liza Mayne and Alex Harrocks for hair and make up.

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