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Have engagement parties in Spain!

Having any kind of party in Spain will make it special and fun!

It’s time to celebrate! You are engaged and want to shout it to the world but are not really sure where to start. Many of your friends and family will also want to congratulate you and a party is much more fun than hours of phone conversations! Traditionally the bride’s parents would host this party but in recent years, the bride and groom have taken the reins and make the decisions. However, you will also take on the cost so if parents want to help, you could assign them certain details.

So party in style, party in Spain!

Its’ usual to have the engagement party close to the actual engagement and give your guests a month to six weeks’ notice. Once the party’s over, the serious wedding planning can begin too! There are many locations along the Costa del Sol that you can choose for your engagement party and the ultimate decision will probably depend on how many people you want to invite so if it’s small and intimate with a candlelit dinner on the beach or an extravagant party in an opulent hotel, White Wedding Days can help.