A strict wedding budget is always necessary when planning your dream wedding and there are many things to keep in mind.

Keep striving for that dream wedding you’ve always wanted!

Always keep in mind your wedding budget!

Keep wedding costs down by being creative!

1) Be realistic – it might sound obvious but if you want to keep your wedding budget down then there are some things that simply will not work. A wedding for 400 guests with free flowing champagne and lobster with a very small budget for example simply would not happen. But with certain tweaks, you can still have the wedding you want – by changing the day or even the time of day, enquiring to unusual venues.

2) Prioritise – Think about what you want most on your day, there will be ways to keep the budget down on the less important details. If for example you are not keen on a traditional wedding cake then cupcakes can be less expensive and a fun addition.

3) Don’t give up on your dream wedding – It’s your wedding day and you may have dreamed about it for years. If you have wanted certain aspects of your wedding since you were a child but there are worries about the budget, there are always ways to keep wedding costs down.

4) Be creative – think outside the box! You may have many resources at your fingertips without even realising… Just get in touch and we can help with any budgeting worries.