Blessings in Spain

It’s one of the first things you think about once you get engaged and can possibly be the most stressful part about the entire wedding planning process… Which date do I choose?!

Regardless of whether you want to be married at home or abroad, choosing the day for your wedding should be fun (even if some friends or relatives are being awkward).

Do you pick a romantic date that signifies something memorable between you and your fiancé or do you choose a date that is more practical and cost effective?

When it comes down to it… there are four things you should take into consideration. Well… actually, there’s probably more than four but these are the most important.

Time of Year – This helps to narrow the scale massively. Once you’ve chosen if you want a winter, summer, spring or autumn wedding then the months are whittled down and an exact date is easier to choose. The summer months in Spain obviously have the weather as an enticement but check out our article on Winter Weddings here and you might be surprised about what it can offer.

Price – Your budget will also affect what time of year and what day of the week you have your wedding. Typically the second half of June to September are considered the peak season but if you want a summer wedding and are on a very tight wedding budget then choose the first two weeks of June. The cost will be lower but the weather should be the same.

Symbolic meaning – You could have a certain date (or dates) in mind that are symbolic to you and your partner and you would like your wedding on that date. Just bear in mind, if you want this date and no other you should start to plan well in advance to also make sure you get the venue and suppliers that you want too!

VIP preferences – In this case the VIP’s, unfortunately, do not mean you – the couple getting married. They refer to all of the people that you simply could not have your wedding without – parents, siblings, best men and bridesmaids etc. Once you have a date in mind, it is worth running it past your VIP’s to check all of them will be free. Don’t fall down the slippery slope of asking too many people however or you’ll start planning the date to their choice not yours.

Whether you ask us to help you plan your special day or want to take care of the planning process yourself, don’t get stressed and enjoy every aspect of the wedding planning right from the first day!